WFPB Eating

We offer the following services to help those looking to change their lifestyle to improve the way you feel every day, living with improved health.

Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) Retreats

Hosted in quality accommodation, these retreats are designed to provide attendees with a taste of what it is like to live a WFPB food lifestyle. It is anticipated that most attendees who stick with the WFPB approach for their 5-night stay will notice physical and psychological benefits before they go home.

WFPB retreats involve:

  • Only 15-20 attendees
  • Arrive Sunday 3pm, depart Friday 9am
  • All WFPB meals provided (special needs catered for)
  • Daily information sessions regarding WFPB eating
  • Cooking demonstrations (where possible)
  • Daily facilitated gentle exercise
  • Introduction to stress management techniques
  • Medical & psychological support as required
  • One-on-one nutrition support
  • WFPB movie nights
  • Sharing & supporting one another
  • Discovering relaxation & stress management approaches
  • Sharing of WFPB recipes and a shared meal together
  • Gentle 30-minute exercise sessions

Upcoming Retreats

TBA 2022
Bowral NSW Southern Highlands

Single $2,399 / person
Twin Share $1,999 / person
Whole Food Institute

One-on-one Counselling Support

Individual support can be provided to help you become clear as to why now is the time for your focus on your health. Counsellors are psychologists who have completed additional training in Plant-Based Nutrition.

WFPB Eating Counselling Support
Whole Food Institute

Whole Food Plant-Based Support Groups

A small group of 10-16 people will meet regularly in a supportive environment to help each other with a switch to a WFPB lifestyle supported by a skilled facilitator.

Each group to be facilitated by a skilled group leader with subject matter experts invited to lead various sessions. This format has been shown to be effective in helping individuals to address some chronic diseases of affluences.