Whole Food for Health

There is overwhelming evidence that a Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) food lifestyle can be beneficial for our health.

Improving Health

Switching to a WFPB diet has been shown in numerous studies to improve cardiovascular health, improve gut health, reduce the need for type 2 diabetes medication and assist in weight management. There is also evidence that this way of eating can impact cancer risk.

Whilst it may be difficult to avoid exposure to all carcinogens in our environment, research has demonstrated that consuming animal proteins may accelerate cancer growth. Research showed that varying the levels of animal protein in the diet of laboratory animals after introducing a carcinogen would either stimulate or stop cancer growth. When animal protein made up 20% of the diet in this research, cancer growth increased, when it was reduced to 5% cancer growth stopped. Results suggest we may benefit from reducing or removing animal proteins from our diet.

Research results have been compelling enough regarding the dangers of consuming processed red meat that the World Health Organisation has declared them as a known carcinogen and the Cancer Council recommends reducing our intake of such meats.

Lifestyle diseases and diet

Lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes have been directly linked to the modern western diet yet we remain uninformed about alternatives. We do not refer to a Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) way of eating as a diet, as diets inevitably fail, but rather a food lifestyle.

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Please refer to a 5-day challenge.

Remove all animal proteins (meats and dairy products), added oils, salts and sugar from your plate and add lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains (brown rice, wholemeal flatbread) and legumes (green peas, kidney beans). Introduce some moderate exercise like walking or swimming for 20-30 minutes daily and see how you feel.

Please refer to a 5-day challenge, it’s important to commit to this fully as we’ve found that when people simply reduce their intake of meat, dairy, oils, salt and sugar, rather than removing them totally, that they don’t experience the full benefits and crave more of the foods they usually consume.

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